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Colourful, fun, and whimsical artwork inspired by travel, architecture and nature.

Em+Co Art specialises in Singapore inspired art. Each product begins as an original gouache paintings and is then transformed into beautiful and affordable wall art, home goods and gifts! 

  • Cat Naps

    This original gouache painting was inspired by our adopted cat, Blue (aka Blueberry because she's small, sweet and getting round!). Blue showed up at our door one day, meowing and hungry. Although we have never had a cat, I had been accustomed to feeding community cats so I had some cat food at home which I offered her. She began to come back day after day, and I would feed her on our deck since we lived in a ground floor apartment. Eventually she just started to stay on our deck, and you would often find her napping between the plants outside. We found out quickly that she was terrified of rain, and would always be eager to try to get inside when it started to rain. I found it a bit odd, her fear of rain and how friendly she was that suddenly I realised she might not be a community cat after all. I took her to the vet to see if she had an owner and perhaps she was just lost, maybe someone was looking for her! She had been microchipped but unfortunately her owners had left her to fend for herself on the streets. We already knew that she had found a home with us, and now she is a happy part of our family!

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  • The Birds Outside My Window

    I am very much a bird lover, I find them both beautiful and fascinating which is why you can see they are often a source of inspiration for me.

    The Birds Outside My Window, is a painting inspired by just that. The noisy neighboured cockatoo sits out in the tree to my left, squawking away while it eats the seeds in the tree pods. Then, the Rose-ringed Parakeet flies by with some friends everyday at 5:00pm it seems without fail. Less noisy and much smaller, the olive backed sunbird can often be seen on the plumeria tree to my right. 

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  • Rainforest Falls

    Rainforest Falls was a piece of artwork that evolved a few times. I was originally inspired by the pockets of rainforest throughout Singapore where I love distinguishing the different trees and plants in a sea of green. Naturally the forests at Bukit Timah came to mind and a little Macaque monkey found his way in. The painting wasn't complete though and I had to explore some of my other favourite places in Singapore. Jurong Bird Park has always been a favourite of mine since I am fascinated with birds. I've always been in awe of the Waterfall Aviary at the park and I love spending time in there watching the birds fly up close and personal. I decided to include resident birds in the painting to stay true to Singapore, and that's where the Oriental Pied Hornbill and Collared Kingfisher came in!

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